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We create relevant and transformative IP for today's media landscape, each infused with a profound message that resonates with the core of who we are as human beings.


10 x 30 min | 18 - 30
Lifestyle Series 

A partnership with Studi6 Media, each episode is more satiating than the last. This series is a mash-up of cultural eats and beloved hip-hop musicians. Our on-the-mic icons and music industry heavyweights take us on a journey of heritage, hot eats, community, and come-ups as the series brings to light pressing issues of food sustainability and security in marginalized neighbourhoods. What better way to connect than over your favourite dish?


10 x 30 min | 12 - 25
Fashion Competition Series

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A sustainable fashion competition format that puts style, diversity, and youth entrepreneurship in the spotlight, "The Re-Drip" is a series for Gen-Z. Saturated in style culture and meaningful conversations affecting this demographic, this series will help educate and motivate the youth watching to create their own resale fashion empire right now. This generation is already business savvy, and we are here to inspire budding fashion-preneurs everywhere. "The Re-Drip"  will teach the next generation that they can dream it, look damn good doing it, and be the change they want to see in the world.


10 x 30 min | 18 - 30
Lifestyle Series           

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Step into the world of the professional dancer with "Booked". This series brings together the hottest new music and introduces you to the dancers that get 'the gig'. Assembling an all-star cast of movers and shakers that have performed for iconic artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Beiber, and Nicki Minaj - you've seen these dancers in stadiums, on tour, at awards shows, and in all the music videos you constantly play on repeat. "Booked" gives you a never-before-seen all-access backstage pass while exploring the remarkable relationship between the dance industry and the music that inspires them to move.


7 x 60 min | 12 - 17
Sports Competition Series         

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"Coached" brings all the excitement of the big leagues to minor hockey in a brand-new

co-viewing sports competition series with heart. Notable surprise coaches, like our legendary NHL pros, enter the arena, and our little league teams prepare for a playoff game of a lifetime. This head-to-head battle for serious bragging rights (and a lot of community swag) is intense, but beyond all the playoff glory and putting a spotlight on local minor league teams, this series aims to make this beloved game more inclusive and financially accessible for all kids to keep on playing for generations and generations.

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