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We are a full-service production company offering cinematic and marketing solutions for film, television, digital video, and print media. What makes our team unique can be found in our name, Soothsayer, meaning "truth-teller". With this as our ethos, we work with networks and brands to execute an overall video content strategy that reveals a story or a product's true essence, bringing authenticity to the forefront of your message.





Holly Newton is a curious digital marketer from Toronto who has spent her career impassioned in shaping digital content marketing strategies that have resonated and inspired conversations online and beyond. 


With educational roots in the creative arts, as well as in public relations and corporate communications, Holly has encompassed her tenacious, creative instinct with the communication skills needed today to find new and effective ways to bolster brand awareness and generate leads. Holly has project managed a wide array of social media influencer campaigns, privileged to have worked alongside various agencies across Canada, creating stories for national and international brands including Kraft, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Pearson, and Disney

Holly Newton
Director of Communications
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A big-picture thinker, Kik Di Nino enjoys being the guiding force on creative projects. Her passion and drive have granted her work with leading Canadian and American networks, including CBC and CBC Gem, CTV and Bell Media, Global, CityTV, Comedy Network, OUTtv, FOX, BYUtv, NBC, and Netflix

Focused on breaking new artistic ground, Kik carries projects forward with infectious energy and has become known for her unique vision and innovative direction. She has a meticulous eye and understands the 'big picture' is actually in all the fine, micro details. Kik has created hit content for audiences on both sides of the border, as well as national commercials, web series, and music videos. Last year, Kik was honored to be a fellow of Banff's Diversity of Voices Initiative. This year, she is grateful to be in the Banff Spark Accelerator for women in the business of media, and Kik looks forward to continuing to shape the future landscape of content to be more inclusive and reflective of the world in which we live.

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Creative Producer and Director, Kik Di Nino
Kik Di Nino
Director / Creative Producer
Cinematographer, Andrea Cuda
Andrea Cuda

Andrea Cuda is a versatile cinematographer who has lensed several different film and television projects of varying budgets and styles, from short films, House on Carter (2019) and Cancel the F**king Internet (2016), to television series, Zerby Derby (2017) and the HGTV series Bahamas Life, and Hawai'i Hunters (2018-2019). Andrea works with directors and producers of varying tastes, effortlessly capturing the beauty of each project and translating visuals that leave a lasting impression in the audience's subconscious. 

Andrea adheres to the ideal that visual story-telling and expressing the truth in every moment is in the knowing. He encompasses the old-world skill of deciphering the most effective tool in the quiver to pull out to capture a specific emotion that will connect the audience to the story— slowly wrapping the audience in the blanket of the story's purpose and making them a part of the process before revealing the core truth. Andrea believes in the importance of pushing the language of visuals and loves adapting and finding new solutions to old problems.